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Father's Day 2021: Bowties

4 in 1!


The craftsmen at Vagabond Bowties produce the 4-Way Reversible Vagabond Bowtie, from up-cycled and vintage fabrics.  They are each handmade by us, right here in the U. S. of A.— with atelier locations in Harrisburg, PA and Youngstown, NY. At every opportunity possible, Vagabond Bowties utilizes products and services, from packaging to printing, that are made in America.  “Made in America” is not just a commercial tag-line; it is a core conviction. 

These are not factory made, mass-produced bowties. Each one of our hand-made bowties is a uniquely original social and fashion statement.  We seek out amazing fabrics, refine and prepare them, then hand cut and sew each one. Utilizing fabrics from select vintage clothing, to sought after contemporary remnants, each Vagabond Bowtie is a one-of-a-kind and offers distinctive appeal. If we fall in love with the design or texture, it goes in the mix. As the Vagabond Bowtie brand continues to grow, we will be introducing custom, soy-based ink printed, fabrics.  This important step will allow us to express more of our creativity and continue to produce a product that will be at least 50-75% up-cycled.