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Celebrate the Great Outdoors! Midnight Forests: A Story of Gifford Pinchot and Our National Forests

Gary Hines


Our national forests are among the great natural treasures of the United States. In the national forests, wildlife can roam free. People may enjoy outdoor activities. The national forests are also a resource for timber. Today, we may take these forests for granted. But without Gifford Pinchot and other conservationists in the early twentieth century, the national forests would not exist today. Pinchot put a stop to the destruction of the nation's forests by introducing methods that would ensure healthy forests for years to come. He was helped by another man who loved the outdoors: President Theodore Roosevelt. Late one night in the White House, they set aside large areas and designated them public lands. They made many people happy. But they made others furious. Gary Hines's inspiring story, beautifully illustrated by Robert Casilla, shows how two remarkable individuals changed the landscape of the nation.